Self hosted B2C e-commerce platform

    Exponential growth through big data.

    We are highly adept at converting web traffic into your brand’s loyal customer base.

    Rebates, flash sales, bundles, coupon codes, pop ups, floating notifications and many, many more options to increase conversion rates, as well as your revenue.

    Marketing miracles are just a click away

    Endless marketing methods for incredible conversion rates.

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    Customer membership management

    Build long lasting relationships with your customers and spur social sharing for continuous repurchases. 

    Establish point systems to motivate and maintain core clientele. Channel web traffic to your online store to achieve “social fission” social sharing for long-term growth. 

    Build premium email lists

    Say goodbye to low quality mailing lists.

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    We are obsessed with increasing conversion rates through remarketing. Use our premium sender to make sure your email promotions do not end up in the spam folder.

    Build and manage your online store with ease

    Open multiple stores with one account

    Manage your storefronts from a single account for efficiency and ease.

    Delegate to subsidiary accounts

    Delegate and manage your online store with multiple employee accounts.

    Drag and drop site building

    Vast templates library to choose from for easier site building.

    Multilingual setting

    Language settings support language groups from 11 major countries.

    Sign up with PayPal

    Start building your store by signing up with PayPal.

    FB Messenger Plugin

    Use the FB Messenger Plugin to converse with your customers in real time.

    Track your customer engagement level

    Use the Promo List tool to track customer engagement with promotions to better understand your core clientele.

    Flexible and customizable function settings allow your to maximize conversion for any and all shopping contexts.

    Freely customize your checkout & payment processes

    Whatever your needs may be, choose from 1, 2, or 3-step checkout to maximize your conversion rate at the checkout step.

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    Amazon Web Services

    The fastest and most stable on-demand cloud computing platform with over 1000 server locations globally.

    Using AWS as our foundation, we are 100% guaranteed to provide the fastest and most functional online store, through consistently innovative solutions, elastic computing and self-monitored server cluster expansion to smoothly satisfy growing demands.

    We firmly believe that loading speed is the primary determinant of online shopping experience, and that’s why we have chosen AWS to actualize Shopindex’s server cluster expansion for elastic computing. Shopindex is AWS’ only Premier Tier Partner in cross-border e-commerce.